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A new Classico pasta sauce - tomato and pesto. Our testers are tasting this sauce, which comes in the 26-ounce glass canning jar for $2.77.

Don Russell (married, five children at home, ages 6-16): "Although I've never been there, this Classico sauce seemed to harbor the essence of northern Italy. Our bottle of Classico featured a tasty blend of tomatoes, garlic, parmesan cheese, basil, pine nuts and olive oil. The resultant blend was flavorful and not overly sweet like so many spaghetti sauces are. Yes, this is one of the better Italian sauces we've been asked to try."Edyth Jensen (married, three children at home): "I poured this Classico on some pork chops and simmered it. It was really good. It's a good sauce so we'll use it again once in a while."

Nihla Lake (married, two children at home): "We were `nuts' (pine nuts) about this pasta sauce. The ingredients were simple - tomatoes, parmesan cheese, garlic, olive oil and pine nuts - but it had a tasty flavor, not quite as sweet as some we have tried. We'll buy this again for a change."

Linda C. Tingey (single mother, two teenage boys at home): "I was a little hesitant trying this Classico sauce after turning thumbs down on the four-cheese version. But this is just like my home-bottled spaghetti sauce. I used it on spaghetti and oh, my, it's good! They used just the right amount of spices, and it tastes as good as homemade. I'll use this again."

Rich Firmage (married, three children, oldest 8 years old): "This stuff looked good and spicy, it smelled good and spicy, but it tasted rather bland. I really expected good things.

"It wasn't bad, just so-so. In order for me to buy this kind of spaghetti sauce, it has to be better than my wife's homemade sauce, and I've never tasted any that even came close. I swear she didn't make me write this!"

Bill Allred (single): "This is pretty ordinary spaghetti sauce. I added some ground beef to it, and that gave it a bit more flavor but still nothing to write home about. Perhaps add some of your own spices. You might find a taste you'll like."

Conclusion: The majority has voted and dubbed this sauce "the essence of northern Italy." Break out the pasta and give this a try!