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Employees from 175 community businesses are being more generous than ever with donations to the United Way of Utah County.

Companies that have run United Way employee fund-raising campaigns show a 32 percent average increase in donations. Employees from First Security Bank, Sears Teleservice, Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer have more than doubled their contributions to this year's campaign."More and more people want to give and are seeing the need to give," said Bill Hulterstrom, president of the United Way of Utah County. "United Way volunteers are spending more time informing their employees about the United Way and its agencies."

So far, United Way of Utah county has received $601,466 in pledges. Money and goods donated to United Way of Utah County stays in Utah County to help children, elderly individuals, low-income families, disabled people and others who are in need.

"I am excited that the community is responding to the changing needs of Utah County," Hulterstrom said. "Many people realize that United Way helps those who really need help."

Area businesses will continue to hold fund-raising drives through the first three months of 1995. Midway through January, allocations committees will begin studying the needs of the community and which United Way agencies best take care of those needs. Hulterstrom indicated sometime toward the end of March money will be allocated to the agencies based on those needs.

Last year the United Way of Utah County was second in the nation for the percentage of increase in campaign pledges.

For more information about United Way of Utah County or to make a contribution, call 374-2588, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.