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John Grover (Forum, Dec. 1) needs to broaden his horizons and quit passing judgment so quickly.

Ty Busch is an excellent educator. I am just finishing the sociology class that he instructs at the Salt Lake Community College.Yes, Mr. Busch has fabulous credentials, and he is certainly bold. He is not blaming the average white male for "all abuse, violation and degradation of the usual left-wing icons." (Mr. Busch is, in fact, an average white male himself.) He is proclaiming that our children have the right to learn the whole truth of our society's past.

We have the right to know that Columbus did not discover America. We have the right to know that our Euro-Caucasian patriarchal ancestors nearly annihilated the Native Americans (not "Indians"). We have the right to know that more than three times as many Russians than Jews were persecuted to death by Hitler's regime. Why is Mr. Grover so scared of us learning the truth?

We live in a multicultural community. It is the narrow-mindedness of individuals like Mr. Grover that is creating the dissipation of our society's values and standards. Our children need to learn cooperation and critical thinking skills to function in this world today. They cannot survive if they are only taught the sugar-coated side of life. Father no longer "knows best."

Ignorance is not bliss. Mr. Busch's classroom fosters learning and independent thinking. He practices what he preaches. I would suggest Mr. Grover enroll in Mr. Busch's sociology class this quarter. It would be truly enlightening.

Amy B. Tregeagle

West Jordan