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Mayor Glenn Mecham welcomed people who attended the dedication ceremony for the new Catholic Community Services facility here, and he thanked the staff for becoming a part of the community.

"We're enormously proud of what you've accomplished here," said Mecham. "You people represent what makes our society better."The Northern Utah Office moved into its new facility last month and the dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony took place Tuesday.

"The dedication is a beginning for us. It's been a long time coming," said Matthew Minkevitch, administrative director for the Northern Utah Office. "Thank you for celebrating with us. It's nice to have a home."

The Ogden social service facility now provides emergency assistance with clothing, household furnishings, diapers, utilities and rent.

The senior services provide food subsidy for low income senior citizens, and the shared community food pantry provides bagged groceries to more than 3,000 monthly.

The staff also provides counseling for those in crisis and a shelter plus-care program provides shelter for those with AIDS.

Msgn. J. Terrence Fitzgerald, executive director of CCS of Utah and administrator of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, formally dedicated the building as a social service out-reach facility.

He dedicated the facility to the "holy angels" who will guard, watch and protect the building, staff and clients.

"Christ came into the world to touch the needed," he said. "Inspire those who work here daily."

And Board President John Hen-kels said the larger facility will enable the staff to serve a growing community.

He thanked those who were in attendance and the staff who spare no effort in meeting the needs of the poor.