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Most of the American voters were very angry during the recent election. They threw the rascals out! The target of the anger, it seems, was President Clinton, Hillary, and the liberals for the "terrible things" they have done to this country.

Let's review some of the damage done so far.First, the president started paying off the record deficit run up during Ronald Reagan's time. Clinton even suggested that the super rich pay their fair share of income taxes to help reduce the debt.

The president has in fact reduced the deficit, and the economy is stronger. Did any voters notice?

Then he produced a health-care plan for citizens not covered by health insurance. The plan needs improvement, but at least the Clintons got the ball rolling. No one else has done that.

Most Americans say they want an improved health-care insurance plan. But some special interest groups are against it. Not to worry - the new Congress will probably sweep it under the rug.

Other "evil acts" perpetrated by the president: passage of the Brady bill as part of a crime package - a regulation on owning assault weapons. The nerve! Really deep thinkers know that crime would vanish if every American had a machine gun.

Clinton even suggested limiting the amount that special interest groups could donate to politicians.

Oh, yes - there was NAFTA and intervention in Iraq and Haiti. No true conservative wanted us in Haiti in the first place - remember?

Many good Americans are sickened by the many hours of ridicule, twisted truth, false witness and hatred spewed out daily on radio and TV by Rush Limbaugh and others against the president of the United States. Why aren't more Americans angry at this?

If Democrats had done the same thing to Reagan, no one would have complained! Right? Wrong!

I wonder if some voters might now realize they were angry at the wrong people - deceived by the millions spent by special interest groups to malign the president.

A few citizens in Utah weren't deceived and will continue to support the president of the United States.

Wayne E. Spencer