A college education at Utah Valley State College will cost a little more next year.

And probably a little more the year after that.And the year after that.

Tuition costs at UVSC just rose 4 percent with a vote of the board of trustees at its last meeting, matching the cost of resident tuition at Salt Lake Community College.

At the direction of the Board of Regents, the two state institutions were to bring their tuition rates to similar levels.

They have done that, said Douglas E. Warner, executive director of budget, personnel and auditing at the Orem campus.

Resident semester tuition for the 1994-95 academic year (15 hours) will be $579. Nonresidents will pay $2,080.

That's up from $557 for residents in 1993-94 and $1,878.25 for nonresidents.

At the start of the current academic year, nonresidents began paying the full cost of instruction.

Warner said the average increase each year has been 3.5 percent, so the 4 percent bump-up is not unusual.

"I think we're seeing about the same increase every year," said Warner.

Cost for resident students enrolling for 15 hours of upper division coursework rises to approximately $684 a semester or $7 per semester hour for 300+ level classes.

Nonresidents will pay $25 per semester hour of upper division work.

Fees are also inching up.

The college's student council recommended a $4.60 increase in the activity fee.

That change was also adopted by the board.