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WordPerfect Corp. has announced a strategic alliance with Dragon Systems Inc. to bring fully integrated, highly productive speech recognition applications to computer users.

Using Dragon Systems' speech technology, WordPerfect will make its applications voice-enabled and provide other developers with access to the jointly developed technology.Dragon Systems is an industry leader in command and control, and large vocabulary speech recognition products. WordPerfect is integrating Dragon Systems' speech technology into its Windows products through a jointly defined applications programming interface.

This strategic alliance will benefit users by providing a greater level of capability in a fully integrated product. Currently, users must talk to their applications by speaking what they would otherwise type. By integrating speech technology into its Windows products, WordPerfect will provide applications that are actively aware of natural language input. These integrated applications will offer a whole new functionality and support features and interactions that can be done more easily by voice than by keyboard.

"Since its introduction four years ago, our DragonDictate - a personal computer dictation program - has benefited users of various PC applications, especially WordPerfect Corporations' word processors," said Jim Baker, CEO of Dragon Systems. "As part of this agreement, we will tightly integrate our speech recognition technology into WordPerfect Corporation software products and introduce their users to the substantial benefits of speech-enabled applications."

These applications will benefit professionals who, in the past, have relied on dictation. Using voice recognition features in personal computers increases productivity, which saves professionals time and money. The legal and health communities, where traditional dictation is heavily used are already enthusiastic about speech technology.

Developers who integrate their Window products with Word-Perfect applications will be able to implement Dragon Systems' speech technology into their products using the Speech Recognition API. This API will be accessible through WordPerfect's PerfectFit Technology - a set of tools that enables third-party developers to achieve unparalleled integration across all WordPerfect Corporation Windows products.