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Dave Gardner hopes that by building only 198 townhouses and condominiums, instead of the 233 in his earlier proposal, and by preserving land for a park, residents and city leaders will accept his request to annex 55 acres into the city for the project.

He told the council this week that he would move a proposed park to the south end of the complex and enlarge it to 51/2 acres. The park's new location would face the houses of residents opposing the development.

If his new development plan is approved, Gardner said, the land for the park would be sold to the city at cost.

"We cannot afford to do this unless we can sell property to the city and finish it like the original plan," Gardner said.

Although initially surprised by the plan, Mayor Jess Green conceded it would solve some of the problems residents have expressed. Others agreed.

"I think this plan represents a good alternative to the original plan," Councilman John McKinney said.

Still, several differences between the two sides exist. Foremost is the proposed sewer alter-natives for the development. Residents say the existing line is inadequate for those who live near the site. Gardner proposes to build a pump house to accommodate additional housing.

"I've had severe concerns about the sewer, and I don't think a pumping station is going to help," resident Todd Reeves said.

Others fear townhouses and condominiums would bring safety problems. Residents posted a sign on Pacific Drive near the proposed development reading "No high density."

"Safety of the roads surrounding the development is a major concern for me," said Sharon Benavides. "Whose child will be the first to be killed while crossing the street to Smith's? It's only a matter of when if that development is put in."