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Now that we've all defrosted from a cruelly long winter, we may be ready to heed reader Ken Brady's advice and rent "Never Cry Wolf," which transports the viewer to the frosty environs of the Arctic.

It tells the story of a young biologist (Charles Martin Smith) who is sent far north to live among wolves, study their behavior and find out why certain changes in the population of wildlife are occurring. What he discovers is not exactly what he expected.Above and beyond its intriguing plot, "Never Cry Wolf" offers breathtaking locales, and it's one of those animal-crowded films that invites wonder and questions: How in the world did director Carroll Ballard get a huge herd of caribou to gallop by at precisely the right moment?

Brady, 33, a systems analyst who lives in Westland, Mich., says he found "Never Cry Wolf" refreshing for its quiet, reflective tone, which sets it apart from more profit-minded films. Brady adds: "It doesn't hit you over the head, but it makes a very subtle ecological point."

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