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Gary Sackett's remarks of April 27 leave out some facts that need to be explained. The Second Amendment was written because many Americans feared that the new Constitution would create a strong central government that would become a tyranny. The state militias were a way of protecting the liberty of the people.

The militia act of 1792 placed every "free able-bodied white male citizen" from age 18 to age 45 in the militia. It also left control and training of these units in the hands of the states.Can we assume that the modern day National Guard is what the Founding Fathers wanted to be able to protect us from our national government? The national government has control over the National Guard. The framers of the Constitution wanted to provide the citizens of the states the ability to rise up against a national government that has become a tyranny. We can't do that if we do not have any weapons.

We can draw these major conclusions from the Second Amendment:

1. The federal government cannot remove the right of the individual states to build a citizens militia to protect the freedom of the state.

2. Individual ownership of guns is vital and necessary to this militia.

3. The states may be able to limit weapons in the hands of criminals and non-citizens, but the Second Amendment never permits removing guns from responsible citizens.

4. The collective and the individual rights to own firearms are the same.

These facts concur with the Supreme Court decisions. Changing the definitions of terms cannot change the intentions of the writers. A citizens militia will always be a citizens militia, regardless of the meaning of the word "militia."

Some other facts:

Gun control has never reduced crime or violence. Just look at Washington, D.C. Never in the history of mankind have we unarmed everyone, including the criminals.

Never at any time in history has a government disarmed its citizens and had peace break out all over. An unarmed citizenry has always been led to oppression.

We cannot let ourselves assume that we are now so civilized that a government would not try to promote tyranny or take our guns, as many have suggested.

Jesse Summers

Mountain Green, Morgan County