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How stupid do certain government officials think we are? The statement has been made that gasoline-powered lawn mowers produce 10 percent of our air pollution. How ridiculous.

How many autos are there in proportion to gasoline-powered lawn mowers? Almost every household has at least one car. Usually no household has more than one gasoline-powered lawn mower. A car is usually operated nearly every day for a period of several minutes to several hours. A lawn mower is usually operated up to an hour or so about once a week. Even if every household had a lawn mower, many, if not most, are operated by hand or are electric.It is possible that one lawn mower may emit as much as 10 percent of the pollution emitted by one car. But overall, it is like comparing a 50-50 division of food intake of one cat and one elephant.

Another ridiculous statement is that lead sinkers for fishing lines should be prohibited because of the pollution they cause in rivers and lakes. Even if the lead did cause a minuscule amount of pollution, how much effect could sinkers have on rivers and lakes? I wager that if a lead sinker were submerged in water for 10 years, the loss in weight could not be measured.

And another thing - why should construction projects be held up or canceled because a few gophers live in the area? I think that the gophers would have enough sense to find another place to live.

Richard D. Rees

Salt Lake City