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Our friend Dennis Lythgoe must have suffered a disturbing preoccupation over his early years since it seemed he was destined to be short (May 9). He says he was 5 feet 8 inches tall as a high school senior. Who is to say what is short? He'd rather have been 6 feet tall. So would I. Seems to me, short or tall, it hasn't made that much difference with him. His keen perception of so many subjects about which he has written not only enlightens many of your readers, but we are most generally delightfully entertained as well.

I remember once learning that men of his size and men of my size, 5 feet 8 inches, are what make averages. Being 6 feet would be about average. But I was also taught that it isn't all that good to be just average. Neither he nor I will ever be called average. By our right, while being at opposite ends of the spectrum, we can perhaps lay claim to some degree of distinction.I wonder if he was ever told he was too short to make the basketball team? I, along with my high school chum, also 5 feet 8 inches, were told we were too tall when we tried out for our old LDS high school basketball team. Today it seems ludicrous, does it not, that there could have ever been such a day? But that was in 1928. Presumably shorter men moved faster and our coach couldn't be persuaded otherwise.

In a crowd, I wonder if Dennis is ever asked how the weather is down there where he is by someone who might be a bit taller than he?

Dennis Lythgoe, take heart. Your contributions make up for any deficiency you may have felt to impose on yourself because of your size.

John E. Carr

Salt Lake City