The Navy's new chief, attempting to erase the bitterness of the Tailhook sex abuse scandal, said Tuesday he wants to put women on all ships - including submarines - and recruit more women into the Navy.

"The goal is all ships. The goal is everything," said Adm. Jeremy Boorda.The new chief of naval operations announced his plans just 10 days after taking command of a service battered by the Tail-hook scandal and rocked by allegations of lackluster leadership and cheating at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Speaking with a group of reporters, Boorda said the issue amounts to one of proving that the Navy is committed to equal opportunity in the workplace.

"I want to do it as quickly as we can do it correctly," the admiral said.

The four-star admiral said current plans call for putting women on three aircraft carriers and about 27 to 30 ships over the next three years, but that he has asked his staff to look into ways to integrate women into the service more quickly.