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I am writing this letter because of the concern that I have with the language and other offensive things in some of the drama productions that Brigham Young University has been producing in the past few years.

Having returned to Provo after being gone for many years, I was really looking forward to the fine arts productions that I would not have to "censor" before attending, as I have had to in other parts of the world and on TV and the movie theater. I bought season tickets to all of them.Happily, I was able to do this for some time. However, in the past few years that has not been the case, and instead of getting better, I feel that it is getting more important to censor the productions.

I have deep, sincere appreciation for the marvelous acting by the university actors and actresses, the great work of the directors, the splendid staging and all the work the production crews do. They are to be highly commended. You will not find better.

However, when you are deeply appreciating the production and then have to hear some of the language, both profanity and vulgarity and other innuendos, it detracts rather than enhances the production. I think this should not be at an LDS Church-sponsored university.

As I have expressed my concerns to the university, I have felt I was in the minority. However, I find that many share my same feelings.

I am most grateful to the reviewers of your paper and hope they will give us an honest critique of what to expect in the plays, as I will no longer buy season tickets but will attend each play on its own merits. Others have also stopped buying the season tickets for the same reasons.

I am a strong supporter of BYU and want to continue to be so.

Geraldine Walters