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Alta View Hospital-

BRAN, Cherrie and Gabriel, Murray, boy.BRIMLEY, Annette and John, Lehi, girl.

CHRISTENSEN, Lora and Christopher, Salt Lake City, boy.

CHRISTIANSEN, Stefanie and Jason, Salt Lake City, boy.

FINCH, Vicky and Eliot, Riverton, boy.

GIBBONS, Wendy and Ryan, Midvale, girl.

GILBERT, Marnie and BERRY, Shane, Murray, boy.

HUMPHREY, Sydney and Clint, Sandy, girl.

LEE, Jannette and Matthew, Sandy, girl.

MIDGLEY, Aliece and Brian, Salt Lake City, boy.

SKOUSEN, Jolynn and Todd, Draper, boy.

SWEET, Jennefer and Douglas, Sandy, girl.

FHP Hospital-

CAMPBELL, Jill and Ric, West Jordan, girl.

DAVIS, Kimmie and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy.

FLORES, Alma and Ronny, West Valley City, girl.

GENAO, Andrina, Salt Lake City, boy.

HANSON, Lorena and Wayne, West Valley City, boy.

HAZLETT, Jana and Patrick, West Jordan, girl.

HESS, Dawn and Steve, Salt Lake City, boy.

KEMP, Rebecca and Gary, West Jordan, boy.

LACOMBE, Janis and Paul, West Valley City, boy.

MATERN, Monica and BUTTERFIELD, Brandon, West Valley City, girl.

McBRIDE, Debra and RUGABER, Jody, Salt Lake City, boy.

NORCROSS, Julia and James, Salt Lake City, boy.

PARRA, Teresa and Jose, Murray, girl.

STEPHENS, Virginia and Ken, West Jordan, boy.

WOODRUFF, Holly and Wendell, Salt Lake City, girl.

YOUNG, Tina and David, West Jordan, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ATWOOD, Ellen and HERNANDES, Martin, Salt Lake City, boy.

GEIPEL, Mecha and Brian, Salt Lake City, boy.

HANSEN, Suzanne and Mark, Salt Lake City, boy.

HARKER, Brenda and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy.

HUMMER, Angela and Dennis, Midvale, boy.

JENSEN, Melinda and Daniel, Bountiful, girl.

KRELL, Angela and Chris, Salt Lake City, girl.

MARTINEZ, Bernadette, Salt Lake City, boy.

MAYO, Mira and Robert, Salt Lake City, boy.

MONTOYA, Angela and DURAN, Robert, Salt Lake City, boy.

POPE, Heidi and Jerry, North Salt Lake, boy.

ROBBINS, Jalane and Jeff, Salt Lake City, boy.

RUSKE, Shauna and Ron, Salt Lake City, boy.

SHEPARD, Rebecca and PORTER, Bobby, Murray, girl.

SLOOT, Lisa and John, Salt Lake City, boy.

WINSLOW, Kathy and Mike, Salt Lake City, boy.

WITTWER, Jacqueline and Eric, Orem, boy.

LDS Hospital-

AMANN, Susan and Steven, West Jordan, girl.

FITTS, Suzanne and Stewart, Salt Lake City, girl.

GIVENS, Rebecca and Jason, Tooele, girl.

JOHN, Delphine, Salt Lake City, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

HEDGES, Kristi and Mark, Midvale, girl.

HESS, Stephanie and William, Salt Lake City, girl.

HOENES, Dawnette and Trevor, Salt Lake City, boy.

KINSEY, Kelly and Tracy, West Valley City, boy.

LOOSER, Raina and Jared, Murray, boy.

NELSON, Lisa and Scott, West Valley City, boy.

University Hospital-

ACREE, Robin and Paul, Salt Lake City, boy.

ANDERSEN, Paula and Nolan, Centerfield, Sanpete County, girl.

BARRUGA, Pamela and Menard, Salt Lake City, boy.

BROWN, Leianna, Murray, boy.

CALDER, Connei and Bruce, West Jordan, girl.

CARSON, Maria and Monty, Park City, girl.

DANIELS, Daleen and Karl, South Salt Lake, girl.

DIAZ, Maria and Elias, Midvale, girl.

DOCKSTADER, Jennifer and Justin, Salt Lake City, girl.

EDWARDS, Debbielee, Salt Lake City, girl.

FIGUEROA, Estela and Hector, Wendover, Nev., boy.

GLEAVE, Wendy and Shaun, Magna, boy.

LEARY-MEYERS, Lynn and Mike, Park City, boy.

MANLEY, Tina and Jerry, Salt Lake City, girl.

NICHOLS, Penny, Riverton, girl.

PIEP, Pammilla, West Valley City, girl.

RILEY, Joyce, Midvale, girl.

SCHULTZ, Paula and Stephen, Salt Lake City, boy.

THOMAS, Tammy and Matthew, Salt Lake City, boy.

TORRES, Norma and Franciso, Kearns, girl.

WYSOCKI, Marisa, Kearns, girl.