Barbara Nickoles thinks the Boston School Department went too far with its policy against bringing guns into the classroom.

Nickoles' 7-year-old daughter, Amber, was suspended for three days because she packed a pink squirt gun in her school bag. The 3-inch-long water pistol was a "mock weapon," school officials said.Amber also was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation.

"It's all well and good for Boston public schools to come down hard on guns in school. But for them to suspend a 7-year-old for having a pink squirt gun that fits in the palm of her hand is overreacting if I've ever seen it," Nickoles said.

Nickoles said she has transferred her daughter to another school. She said she wanted to go public with the December suspension now that Amber is settled in her new surroundings.

Judith Prince, the principal who suspended Amber, said she believes she took the proper action.

"If it's one small thing that will make them aware of the danger of guns, it's worth it," Prince said.