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The 1968 National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act requires that in planning for the use and development of water and related land resources, consideration be given by all federal agencies to potential national wild, scenic and recreational river areas.

Extensive waterways in Utah are free-flowing and contain at least one outstanding remarkable wild, scenic or recreational value and are suitable for Wildlands Scenic River designation.American Rivers reports that as of November 1992 there were 152 rivers in the national WSR system. In Utah there are none.

Wasatch-Cache Forest Service officials in a recent in-house inventory said merely one segment of one river - after studying 46-plus river systems - was potentially eligible for further WSR suitability study.

Most recently, a displaced southern Utah state Division of Wildlife Resources head recommended the inclusion of 21 river systems in a preliminary federal WSR inventory.

Young or old, meander down a wild and free-flowing river, connect with creation and fill your soul with the sound and sense of nature. And upon return to your urban station, call Skipper Leavitt, his river privateer Ted Stewart or stingy Wasatch-Cache buccaneers and remind all that the only real suitability question is not wild rivers, it's the fitness of elected and appointed officials to make a sound and unshackled biological call.

Stephen W. Lewis

Salt Lake City