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alta View Hospital-

ENSLOW, Cheri and John, Sandy, boy.

GORDON, Jill and S. James, Salt Lake City, boy.

JOHNSON, Mary and Mark, West Valley City, girl.

LINGENSELTER, Michelle and Matt, Midvale, girl.

LYM, Terry and David, Riverton, girl.

LDS Hospital-

ADDERLY, Mary and Richard, Salt Lake City, girl.

BUDGE, Amy and Jeffrey, Sandy, boy.

FALK, Shawn and Frank, Salt Lake City, boy.

GALLACHER, Sharon and Jay, Sandy, boy.

GIBBS, Karen and William, Park City, girl.

HERMANSEN, Cindy and Robert, Salt Lake City, boy.

IKEGAMI, Bobbie and Rick, Salt Lake City, girl.

NORMAN, Mitzi and Robert, Salt Lake City, boy.

RICHINS, Terri and Steve, Vernal, boy.

STEEDE, Rhonda and James, Park City, boy.

TEERLINK, Laurie and Mark, Salt Lake City, boy.

WHETTEN, Melanie and Wade, Salt Lake City, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

CARD, Stacy and Tim, Sandy, boy.

ERCANBRACK, Tonya and Todd, Salt Lake City, girl.

HOUSTON, Diana and Richard, West Jordan, girl.

HUMES, Tina, and DERBIDGE, David, Magna, girl.

LONG, Lori and Robert, Park City, boy.

PETERSON, Rebecca and Justin, Sandy, boy.

WALKER, Angela, and BELANZICH, Salt Lake City, boy.

WHIPPLE, Jennifer and Floyd, Kearns, boy.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

LAKE, Debra and Richard, Hinckley, Millard County, twin girls.

ABBOTT, Laura and Stephen, Provo, boy.

ALARCON, Rossana and Jose, Provo, boy.

ANDERSON, Ruth and Kelly, Provo, girl.

ARLEDGE, Heather and Kevin, Orem, girl.

BAIRD, Amylyn and Michael, Provo, boy.

BARKER, Jennifer and Jason, Provo, girl.

BENDALL, Kathleen and Todd, Orem, boy.

BEVERIDGE, Loree and Eric, Pleasant Grove, boy.

BIGELOW, Terryl and Kevin, Provo, boy.

BLACKMAN, Kimberly and Alan, Orem, boy.

BRAMWELL, Gina and David, Provo, girl.

BRENNAN, Laura and Michael, Orem, boy.

BROWN, Amity and THATCHER, Shaun, Spanish Fork, girl.

CANNON, Denise and Steven, Provo, boy.

CARTER, Julie and Allen, Provo, boy.

CHALMERS, Tara and Robert, Provo, girl.

CHAMBERLAIN, Shanin and Jon, Orem, girl.

COOK, Collette and Val, Springville, boy.

COX, Phyllis and David, Price, boy.

CROSS, Stephany and Timothy, Orem, girl.

DALLING, Barbara and Dennis, Provo, girl.

DALY, Cindy and Todd, Orem, boy.

DAVIS, Alyse and Steph, Provo, girl.

DAVIS, Deneal and Gregory, Orem, boy.

DEMILLER, Lisa and Tony, Provo, girl.

DOVER, Amy and Howard, Provo, boy.

FAUSETT, Amber, Orem, girl.

FISCHER, Kim and Randy, Orem, girl.

FRAMPTON, Chari and Bret, Orem, girl.

FULLER, Jana and Erik, Provo, girl.

GEORGE, Shelly and Gerald, Provo, boy.

GREEN, Cindi and Steven, Orem, boy.

HALFORD, Jill and Rodney, Orem, boy.

HARRISON, Raelyn and Kenneth, Spanish Fork, boy.

HAYCOCK, Tammy and Lyle, Spanish Fork, boy.

HEELIS, Cherene and Steven, Orem, girl.

HOBSON, Amy and Bryan, Provo, girl.