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Q & A

Q. How much does a sea otter eat?

A. Sea otters eat as much as 30 percent of their body weight each day. That would be the same as an average sized adult eating two large roast turkeys with po-tatoes, carrots, salad and a loaf of bread. Eating huge amounts of food is just one of the ways sea otters keep themselves warm.

Q. What kind of sea life eats anemones?

A. Only a few types of animals have adaptedd ways of dealing with the sea anemone's stinging tentacles. Certain types of sea slugs eat sea ane-mones. So do cod, some eel species, horn sharks and some kinds of sea stars. If a sea ane-mone becomes ill or can no longer de-fend itself, fish will quickly devour it, however.

Q. What marine animal can stand the lowest tem-perature?

A. Life exists even in the coldest of the world's oceans. Seals, walruses, whales and many other marine animals live in water that would kill an unprotected human in just a few minutes. The ice fish lives comfortably in water that is slightly below 32 degrees - because saltwater freezes at a lower temperature than freshwater. Penguins, other polar birds and many mammals can stand air temperatures close to -100 degrees Fahrenheit.