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Bruce Fullmer has been named Garfield County Travel Council's first full-time executive director. His salary was set at $32,000.

Officials said they are still seeking two additional employees because of the resignation of Susie Fincher, "who has handled a heavy workload." The council, probably the most active in the rural counties of the state, plans to hire one full-time employee and a part-time worker as replacements.In his former part-time position with the council, Fullmer has also been administrative assistant for Garfield County but will phase out of that part of his assignment. He will be replaced by Camille Moore, a county courthouse clerk.

Tropic Mayor Jean Seiler has been working with Fullmer during his part-time council activities and will no longer be involved in that program because of increasing obligations at Rubys Inn near Bryce Canyon National Park.

Fullmer said he has three major goals:

- To work more closely with tour operators and travel agents.

- To urge the council to host and encourage more travel writers to come to the area.

- To develop a closer working relationship with area business owners to determine whether the travel council is meeting their needs.

Fullmer will spend a good deal of time at travel shows throughout the country promoting Garfield County. Such efforts have proved effective in the past and may be expanded.

His first trip as full-time director will be to a travel show in Florida. A new van has also reportedly been purchased by the council, primarily to transport materials and personnel to travel shows. It will accommodate 12 passengers and the materials for a new 20-foot information booth.

The Garfield County Travel Council offices are located in the county courthouse in Panguitch.