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I had one of those "shake-your-head-to-make-sure-you-heard-it-right" type of experiences with someone recently. He was complaining that he sees no evidence of concern for the quality of life of children "forced" to be born, in the pro-life argument. He concluded that it is better to kill people before they are born than to risk their living a life of insufficient quality.

The methods people use to justify evil have fascinated me ever since viewing films 30 years ago about the Nazi atrocities. I have often wondered since how anyone could come up with a rationale that would justify such abominable acts. My conclusion is that we are such masters of self-deceit that there is probably nothing that has, at one time or another, not been justified. So it is with abortion.And so it seems that this person and many others I know have managed to convince themselves that abortion is justifiable, if not downright noble, homicide.

At least this person was honest enough to admit that it is homicide. Normally, most people I know with this concept need to further distance themselves from reality by convincing themselves that there is some magical moment after conception when we are trans-formed into human beings.

I suppose, like the Nazis, it will someday dawn on these folks that you can also ensure people only lead lives of "quality" by killing the ones who don't, after they are born.

After all, if you can convince yourself that it is justifiable to kill those who only might lead lives you don't like, why not do the same to save those who you know lead lives you don't like? Just think of all the people you could help this way.

David Young