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The 75th Women's International Bowling Congress Championship tournament came to an end Tuesday with the closing ceremony and the final squad of the singles and doubles event at Ritz Classic Bowl.

The short ceremony, consisting of the retiring of the colors and the thanking of the many people who made the WIBC's visit to Salt Lake possible, wraps up an exciting two months of bowling action. Approximately 40,388 women visited Salt Lake to bowl in this year's tournament.The WIBC Championship will pay out nearly $1 million in prize money this year. Here are the big winners:

Classic Division (180 ave. and up)

The Strike Zone Pro Shop team from Rolling Meadows, Ill. repeated as WIBC Champions this year. It is the first time in 31 years that a team has won back-to-back titles.

The Strike Zone Team is made up of Lana Lavris, Christy Asher, Shirley Hintz, and professionals Karen Ellingsworth and Anne Marie Duggan. The women put together games of 936, 978, and the tournament high team game 1,113 for a 3,027 series.

"It's pretty exciting," said Duggan, "We came in saying we would win the title again, but we were sort of kidding. Inside, though, we really thought we were capable of winning again."

Wendy Macpherson-Papanos of Las Vegas claimed the tournaments all-events title with a nine game total of 1,940. The title was the first championship tournament title for the former WIBC Queens champ.

"This really came unexpectedly," said Macpherson-Papanos. "I hadn't been bowling well prior to the tournament, but I guess you never really know when things will get going."

Vicki Fifield of El Paso, Texas walked away with the singles title. Fifield rolled games of 266, 204, and 246 for a 716 series. This was Fifields' first Championship tournament appearance.

"When I saw what the top score was (before I bowled), my heart sank," said Fifield. "I saw the names of the top bowlers and I wondered what I was doing here. At that point, all I wanted to do was cash."

The doubles event finished with a tie for the top position. Rachel Perez, San Antonio, and Kim Straub, Beatrice, Neb.; rolled a three game series of 1,307. Lucy Giovinco of Norcross, Ga. and Cindy Coburn-Carroll of Tonawanda, N.Y. matched the score the following day. It is Giovinco and Carroll's second tournament title.

Division I (160-179 average)

Michele Davis of Baytown, Texas, captured the Division I all events and singles titles. Davis' 686 three-game series in the singles event was the highest Division I series to date in the WIBC Championship.

Concordia Lanes of Belvidere, Ill., took home the team title with a 2,688 pin total. Team members Rose Lind, Phyllis Gallano, Rogene Littlejohn, Toria Funderburg, and Debbie Nelson totaled games of 846, 856, and 986 for the title.

Leslie Pappan and Debby Johns of Tulsa, Okla., took home the doubles title with a total of 1,225 pins.

Division II (140-159 average)

Peggy Bush of Idaho Falls, Idaho, made her tournament debut this year and walked away with the all-events title in this division. Bush rolled a nine game total of 1,727.

Shirley Coleman of Tucson, Ariz., won the singles title in only her second tournament appearance. Coleman rolled the highest series of any Division II bowler, a 644 with games of 216, 219, and 209.

"I just came for the fun of it," Coleman said. "We just wanted to see Salt Lake City. I never thought about winning a title."

Mary Ann Robinson and LaDora McPeters of Moorcraft, Wyo., and Casper, Wyo., respectively won the doubles title in Division II with a total of 1,164. This was each of the bowlers ninth appearance in the tournament.

The Division II team event championship went to the Ottawa Squaws of Toledo, Ohio. Denise Cousino, Diana Deighton, Charlene Sutton, Marilyn Meinholz, and Patti Farley rolled a team series of 2,547 pins to claim the title.

Division III (139 average and below)

A Lubbock, Texas, pair of ladies teamed up to claim the doubles title in this division. Linda Whillcock, making her 10th appearance, and Amy Dubberly, making her debut, rolled games of 349, 301, and a division high game of 435 for a 1,085 pin total.

Mary Dale of Santa Monica, Calif., earned the singles title with a 616 three game series. Dale rolled games of 214, 244, and 158 for the title.

Arch of Wyoming, a team from Hanna, Wyo., won the Division III team title wth a 2,266 three game series. The series included a game of 876, the highest game in the division in the history of the tournament. The team included Leslie Hilbird, Rhonda Hilbird, Eulalia Duran, Donna Pipher, and Pauline Hilbird.

The division's all-events title went to Natalie Chopey of Alameda, Calif. Chopey bowled a nine game total of 1,568 pins, rolling series of 516, 541, and 511.