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The proposed city budget for 1994-95 is $923,109, an increase of $94,274 over the current-year estimate. Sales tax revenues are expected to increase $40,000 next year. Development fees from new residential construction may generate 80 percent more revenue than the current year, and court fines 30 percent more.

The city also plans on adding four employees: an assistant fire chief, a school crossing guard for Allison Way, a public safety secretary and a full-time maintenance worker.Spending for both the police and fire departments would also increase under next year's budget.

Proposed capital projects include resurfacing the city tennis courts ($2,800); a new pumper truck ($70,000); slats in the city shops fence ($10,000); sidewalk for phase two along 1700 South ($18,500); concrete for a secondary water holding pond ($5,000) and a new sprinkling system for the city cemetery ($15,000).

No tax increases are planned, but the city has not yet received its certified tax rate for the coming year. Because of the completion of the new city municipal building, Syracuse has not as yet determined whether it will need to increase its garbage collection rates because of a $3 increase per ton at the burn plant that becomes effective July 1.


Additional Information

Syracuse City budget:

General fund: $923,109


General fund: $828,835


Property tax: $77,000

Last year: $72,294

Sales tax: $425,000

Last year: $385,000

Franchise tax: $4,000

Last year: $3,800

Licenses and permits: $47,000

Last year: $30,000

Police: $198,163

Last year: $167,467

Public works: $213,254

Last year: $136,571

Fire: $102,225

Last year: $47,132

Executive: $71,451

Last year: $75,267

Finance: $52,515

Last year: $41,282

Parks: $45,326

Last year: $42,086

Tax / Fee increases:

None proposed