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A Washington state woman was charged with four felonies Thursday after she reportedly forced occupants from two automobiles, slashed the hand of a pregnant woman with a knife, and drove 65 miles on the wrong side of two interstate highways during a 100-mph chase with officers.

Kimberly Yarbrough, 33, was charged with two first-degree felonies, aggravated robbery and aggraated kidnapping, a second-degree felony of auto theft and a third-degree felony of failing to stop at the command of a police officer in 6th District Court.Yarbrough was charged after a psychiatric evaluation at the Utah State Hospital in Provo.

In reconstructing the episode, officers said the woman accosted two sisters on Richfield's Main Street while they were buckling two children into seat belts in their vehicle.

The sisters, 19 and 17, said the woman told them she was taking their car and if they didn't remove the children, she would take them with her. The young women quickly pulled the children, age 7 and 9, whom they were tending, from the car and the assailant drove away.

Driving south from Richfield on U-118, the automobile ran out of gas near the central intersection.

The Monroe woman, who is pregnant, reported she stopped her car behind the stalled vehicle. The assailant ran to her brandishing a knife, and ordered her to drive to the freeway.

While traveling toward Elsinore, the assailant threatened to stab the driver and her unborn child. A scuffle ensued over the car keys. The victim's hand was lacerated, and the assailant drove the vehicle onto I-70.

She drove west in an eastbound lane, pursued by Utah Highway Patrol and Sevier County deputy sheriffs.

Near Cove Fort in Millard County, the woman got onto I-15 and again drove on the wrong side of the interstate, traveling south on the northbound lanes. She was finally arrested near Beaver when the vehicle she was driving slid off the highway.