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Following a poorly attended public hearing, Juab County commissioners have passed an ordinance dealing with manufactured housing.

Commissioners called on the handful of residents who attended the meeting for comment. Only one, Jim McWilliams, chairman of the county Planning and Zoning Commission, made any comment."It's what we wanted," he said. He suggested the commissioners go ahead and end the public meeting and pass the ordinance.

The only change between the ordinance proposed a few weeks ago and the final draft presented to commissioners for signature on Monday was wording in the third requirement on the list.

Commissioners called for the ordinance to be written so they would have some guidelines in working with people who want to place trailer homes on land in the county. Some people have placed trailer homes and other manufactured housing throughout the county without permits.

"We have really needed an ordinance," said Commission Chairman Joseph Bernini.

The requirements say the dwelling must be taxed as real property and an affidavit must be recorded in the county recorder's office.

The dwelling unit must be certified under the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1976, and must be permanently connected to all required utilities.

The dwelling must be mounted and attached to a permanently engineered foundation. At least 60 percent of the roof should be pitched and must have a surface of wood shakes, asphalt, composition, wood shingles, concrete, fiberglass, metal tiles, slate or gravel materials.

It must have exterior materials in keeping with the Uniform Building Code.

The roof overhang must not be less than 8 inches.

The dwelling must be at least 20 feet wide at the narrowest point of the ground floor level and must be 40 feet long without including the garage. Transportable sections must be at least 10 feet wide unless the home has three sections. Then only one must be 10 feet wide.

All additions to the structure must comply with the Uniform Building Code.