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* WINNER: Union Pacific Railroad conductor Dale Getter of Nampa, Idaho. Giving no thought to his own safety, he climbed to the front of a moving locomotive where he was able to push a four-year-old girl off the tracks, saving her life. Well done, Dale!

* WINNERS: Voters in California. After rejecting higher taxes and more borrowing for everything from earthquake repairs to wildlife preservation, Californians finally decided to dip into their own pockets - and for an exceptionally good cause. Across the state, tax measures to benefit libraries passed by overwhelming margins this week. Good choice! No matter how poor a person may be, he or she can still get a good education by reading.LOSERS: More and more American companies. Why? Because employee absenteeism is on the rise. A new survey shows absenteeism increased 9.4 per cent nationwide in 1993. As a result, everybody loses. The largest companies are losing more than a million dollars a year in unearned salary alone. This increased cost of doing business must be passed along to customers in the form of higher prices. What's more, the absences hurt productivity, morale and customer service.

LOSERS: Air travelers in China. It's the most dangerous place in the world in which to fly. One in every 100,000 flights in China ends in a fatal crash. By comparison, in Colombia, which used to be severely criticized for its aviation record, there's one fatal crash out of 200,000 flights. The world average is one fatal crash per 1.5 million flights.

- BEST ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It was given by John Llewellyn after conducting a two-year study of the plight of 35 million jobless people. On the basis of his research for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Llewellyn concludes that the way to find and keep a good job is to get a good education. Emphasize the basics, he adds, and don't specialize too soon. That means plenty of emphasis on languages, mathematics, science, and the ability to write and communicate well.