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It is said that an insidious threat faces the people of Utah. Honorable jurists who sit in judgment of those charged with serious crimes are being improperly influenced. Their decisions will be affected because of a message engraved on a marble column scarcely 200 feet from the metropolitan Hall of Justice in Salt Lake City.

These jurists must occasionally walk by a message that suggests the Sabbath day should be kept holy, and that we should honor our fathers and our mothers. The vile message goes on to say that we should not swear falsely against our fellow citizens, or steal from them or kill them. It even suggests that we should not try to cheat our neighbor out of his home or take his wife in adultery. These teachings are from the biblical Ten Commandments.Imagine anyone so biased and so lacking in the goodness of mankind that they object to the ethical teachings contained in such a message.

Our individual freedoms are slowly but surely being taken from us. This insidious force has no official governmental connection. It has, however, learned that it can finance itself with the taxes you and I pay. The organization I refer to is the American Civil Liberties Union.

Suits brought by it have changed our penal system. The cost of bringing these suits is largely paid from (our) government funds. The collective effect of this procedure is to deny each of us the option to live as we feel we should.

The framers of our Constitution were men of religion. The last thing they wanted was to prohibit God and his influence in the lives of the citizens of the new republic.

Kyle B. Sorensen

Salt Lake City