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Government action

HighlandIn its June 8 meeting, the Highland City Council:

- Tabled adoption a $835,000 city budget for fiscal 1994-95.

- Appropriated $450 for the youth city council to attend the Freedom Academy June 27-29.

- Appointed Dave Taylor to the Planning Commission.

- Approved the Bench Meadows subdivision. Councilman Glen Thurgood voted against the project because he said it's bad policy to extend the sewer system to one subdivision. He favors a citywide sewer system plan.

- Gave final approval to Alpine Shadows and Victor's View subdivisions and preliminary approval to English Meadows North subdivision.

- Extended the city's contract through Sept. 30 with BFI for garbage collection.

- Rescinded the Wagstaff annexation of two weeks ago because it should not have enacted the ordinance until five days after the public hearing. The council then properly approved the annexation and a policy declaration on the same property.