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EVERYBODY KNOWS I'm a casual guy at heart. That's why I'm excited about the annual official Casual Day coming up this Friday, June 17, sponsored by United Cerebral Palsy. This is the fifth year. It was a big hit last year when 36 companies participated, generating $20,000 for a worthy cause. This year, interest is up - with 75 companies pledged to take part - and contributions will go directly into our community.

Jim Williams tells me only a few companies are so stodgy that they have refused to participate. Who wants someone who won't rip off that choker tie for just one day, anyway?For a suggested minimum donation of $5 to United Cerebral Palsy, you can come to work in your favorite casual attire - and a Casual Day button.

But for $10, you get a terrific Casual Day T-shirt that is guaranteed not to shrink. If your company hasn't said anything about this, either talk to your Casual Day coordinator or volunteer for the job yourself.

Then make the donation, put on the button and wear the T-shirt to work.

I've been a longtime fan of Duke University's renowned basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski, who is always being approached by NBA owners who hope he will jump up to professional basketball. A few years ago, he seriously considered an offer to coach the Boston Celtics, and this year several NBA franchises were interested in hiring him.

Once again, he decided to stay at Duke. Krzyzewski, who has a good stage presence and has done a couple of dynamite TV ads, has only one severe problem.

Practically no one can pronounce his name. That is because the spelling of his name has absolutely no correlation to the pronunciation - She-shef-ski - except for the ski on the end.

If he was pacing around the floor on a televised NBA game, or interviewed at halftime, fans would probably start calling him "Coach Whatsisname." Maybe that was the real reason he turned it down.

It had to happen. A tongue-in-cheek political advocacy group has just been formed in California, called Heterosexual Monogamous Males.

HMM publishes a newsletter, edited by Norm D. Plume, called "Straight Talk for HMM's, Political Advocacy for Heterosexual Monogamous Males - not for the Politically Squeamish."

It is intended to promote the "group's struggle for special protection under the law and an inordinate amount of favorable media coverage and political influence." Straight Talk is supposed to be a perfect Father's Day gift for the "man who has everything but a special-interest group to call his own."

You can get a three-issue trial subscription for $4.95 by writing to HMM, P.O. Box 306, Fullerton, CA 92632-0306.

Earlier this year, HMM scientists concluded a five-month scientific study to determine whether heterosexual monogamous males were genetically better equipped to predict the outcome of an NFL football season. The results proved they are.

Critics point to the small number of test subjects - one HMM, one woman, one homosexual, one non-monogamous heterosexual male and one 1976 Thomas Jefferson nickel as a control group.

4 According to a study of 100 men conducted by the State University of New York at Stony Brook, a pleasant event can boost the immune system for as long as two days, while an unpleasant, stressful encounter usually only takes its toll for one day.

What a relief!