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Delta Air Lines, detailing the first steps in a major cost-cutting campaign, said Tuesday it will scale back its European flight schedule and eliminate 2,500 jobs from a maintenance division.

The Atlanta-based airline said it will suspend service, effective Sept. 12, on its Cincinnati-Munich, Miami-London, New York-Stockholm and New York-Oslo routes. London and Munich will be served from other airports, but Delta will no longer fly to Oslo and Stock-holm.The company said other routes, both domestic and international, may be cut later.

"We've said all along in the restructuring there's going to be a lot of changes, including the dropping of routes that are not profitable," said Delta spokesman Todd Clay.

Three of the four routes cut Tuesday were acquired by Delta when it purchased now-defunct Pan Am's trans-Atlantic route system. That operation so far has been a money loser for Delta.

The steps are part of a broad cost-cutting program announced by Delta in April, aimed at stemming more than two years of losses and saving $2 billion in annual operating costs.

Delta also announced plans to remove nine Airbus A-310 long-range jets from its fleet as part of the cost-saving effort.

Delta said it will eliminate 2,500 jobs over the next year in a division that handles maintenance and other technical tasks.

The cutback will shrink the division's work force by about 22 percent. Some 7,200 of the unit's 11,150 workers are based in Atlanta, although Delta did not specify where the reductions will take place

The job cuts will get Delta about one-fifth of the way toward its goal of eliminating 12,000 to 15,000 jobs throughout the company.

Job reduction targets for other divisions are yet to be disclosed.