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In response to James Andersen (Forum, June 8), let us clarify one important point. He accused United We Stand America of smearing M. Danny Wall, who was the top regulator in the nation during the S&L crisis.

Mr. Anderson fails to clarify his charge of smearing. Although Wall did not cause the S&L crisis, he certainly added to the final bill and helped compound the problems. Wall states none of this was his fault - but he was the top regulator at the time; if the man at the top is not responsible, who is? When Utah state senators make confirmations, they should have the background information of the person being confirmed. Most Utah senators, when asked, said they knew nothing of Wall's past performance in government.It is unfortunate that Mr. Andersen chooses to vilify and slander United We Stand America and our members by presenting unsubstantiated allegations against our organization while UWSA is working to inform citizens and to bring about government accountability. We do not consider the presentation of facts and recent history regarding the S&L debacle a smear, rather it is a stark reminder of the financial ruin of this country, which should never be forgotten.

The urgency of the nation's financial future requires a retreat from the failed policies of the past. Those who do not know their history are destined to repeat it. UWSA will no longer sit idle while our country goes bankrupt.

Barbara Whitely, state chairperson

Jeffory Volimas, vice chairman

Claire Geddes, state director

United We Stand America-Utah