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Completion of the city's recreation complex now under construction and the acquisition of another 21 acres of park land are the top priorities in the new park master plan adopted this week by the Centerville City Council.

A study done by park consultant John Swain recommends additional five-acre neighborhood parks in the city's southeast and north areas, a park on the east side for access into the foothills, and a trail system.Completion of the 23-acre recreation complex is already one of the city's top park priorities. Ballfields and restrooms will be built this summer, with the park ready for use by next year.

Swain's study found the city has about four acres of park land per 1,000 residents, a figure that will fall to 3.3 if the land around the existing city hall building is sold.

The council would like to sell the land for commercial development when the city moves into the new municipal building on Main Street this summer.

Swain recommends the acquisition of another 21 acres of park land to keep the city's ratio at four acres per 1,000 residents when Centerville reaches build-out stage. The recommended ratio nationally is 6.2 acres per 1,000, Swain said.

His figures don't include the planned construction of a walking/

jogging path in the flood-control swale the city is developing parallel to the I-15 frontage road, north of Chase Lane. That would add about 15 acres of open space, according to city manager David Hales.

Swain also recommended development of a nature park and trail along Ricks Creek, saying it is a unique area worthy of preservation. The trail would link the frontage road jogging trail to the foothills, Swain said.

The plan also shows construction of an 18-hole golf course and trail system in the foothills east of the city, a prospect the city has been studying for about 18 months. A feasibility study has indicated the course would pay for itself over time.

Swain also recommended the city explore larger, joint recreation facilities with Farmington and Kaysville.