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Dear Abby: My husband's mother is a lovely woman who has one problem: She is sometimes completely over-bearing.

When she visits us, she stays in our small apartment where we live with our 2-year-old son. Throughout her visit, there is no peace, no time when she is not pouting if we do not spend every waking moment with her. She is always cleaning or rearranging our furniture, but, worst of all, she talks incessantly.My own mother would never behave this way.

The three "R's" I advise for all mothers and mothers-in-law are as follows:

1. Respect the privacy of your child, his or her spouse and their family.

2. Recognize that you are a guest in THEIR home.

3. Relax - and if at all possible, check into a hotel or motel. You will be more comfortable, and so will they.

- Worn Out in Wisconsin

Dear Worn Out: Generalizations are dangerous - especially this one. I have heard from numerous women (and men, too) who adore their mothers-in-law.

Oddly enough, more husbands than wives adore their mothers-in-law.

P.S. I happen to be one of the lucky ones. I have loved my moth-er-in-law for 54 years; take a bow, Rosie (Mrs. Jay) Phillips in Minneapolis.

Dear Abby: My ex-husband is getting married again. Although he is thousands of dollars in arrears on child support, he has come up with money to rent tuxedos for our two sons to wear to this formal event.

Although he refused to set foot in the church where I taught Sunday school for 10 years, he is getting married there after openly living with his girlfriend for three years.

It seems this is not unusual these days. It's fairly common for a man to dump one woman, then marry her replacement right in the ex's back yard.

I am considering attending the wedding to "give the groom away," but I suspect this would make my sons feel uncomfortable.

Any suggestions?

- Trying To Adapt

Dear Trying: Yes. Skip the wedding. Revenge is never as sweet as the revenger hopes it will be.

Dear Abby: I have enjoyed some of the letters you have printed about encounters with naked people. Some of your other readers may have some funny stories, too.

My favorite incident happened in a local meat market in Watkins Glen, N.Y. It was during the Summer Jam of 1973, which was the largest rock concert ever held. (That's right - most people are under the misconception that the largest was Woodstock, but those of us who live in Watkins Glen know better.) Anyway, Jim, the shopkeeper, looked up to see a bearded hippie standing in front of his counter with nothing on but one sneaker.

Not one to be easily nonplussed, Jim remarked, "I see you lost a sneaker." The response was, "Hey, man, I didn't lose a sneaker - I found one."

Thanks for letting me tell this story outside of Schuyler County.

- A Friend of Jim's

Dear Friend of Jim's: Thanks for sharing this story with me. My readers can always use an "upper."