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Police reportedly found a bloody ski mask in O.J. Simpson's mansion and the weapon believed used in the stabbing deaths of his ex-wife and a friend - a sharp, military-style digging tool.

Detectives also questioned witnesses who cast doubt on Simpson's alibi and expanded their investigation halfway across the country, using metal detectors Thursday to search an overgrown, junk-strewn field near the Chicago hotel the former football star checked into hours after the bodies were found.A homicide detective who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Associated Press that investigators had finished their reports and that Simpson's arrest was imminent. He would not elaborate.

The 46-year-old Simpson has denied any involvement in the slayings of Nicole Brown Simpson, 35, and Ronald Goldman, 25. Their bodies were found Sunday night outside Nicole Simpson's condominium in the city's Brentwood section.

Police were analyzing the bloody military-style entrenching tool, which resembles a sharp-edged shovel, the Daily News of Los Angeles reported Friday, citing unidentified police sources. The newspaper did not say where the tool was found.

KCOP-TV, citing unidentified police sources, said that police found a bloody ski mask in Simpson's house. The station also said that police believe a military knife was used in the killings, but it did not elaborate.

The football Hall of Famer flew to Chicago from Los Angeles late Sunday for a business meeting, then returned a few hours later after he was told of his ex-wife's death.

Detective Bert Luper, one of two Los Angeles officers in Chicago investigating the slayings, said that someone who stopped at a gas station near the O'Hare Plaza Hotel in Chicago reported seeing a person who looked like Simpson in the field. Luper wouldn't say what searchers were looking for.

"We're working on an anonymous tip," he said.

Meanwhile, a woman who jogged past Nicole Simpson's condo at about the time of the killings told a detective that a vehicle generally resembling Simpson's was parked across the street, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

"I saw a light-colored Ford Bronco or Blazer-type car," the woman, who requested anonymity, told the Times. The newspaper reported previously that bloodstains were found in Simpson's white Ford Bronco.

Simpson attended his ex-wife's funeral Thursday. He emerged from a white limousine wearing a black suit and kissed his 9-year-old daughter Sydney and 6-year-old son Justin as he entered St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church.