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A little over 200 years ago our forebears fought and won a war to establish the fact that all men and women were sovereign citizens, equal in their inalienable rights to the King of England and to each other. Today, most Americans - including members of the legal profession - do not even know what a sovereign citizen is.

All must now bow as slaves before the dictates of the many agencies of the government, which long ago ceased to be our servants and are now our daily oppressors. Even the wealthy, who can still afford to hire the services of the legal specialists, are denied their fundamental rights and must rely upon their legal advisers to use artful procedural strategies to escape their false accusers.Honesty, common sense and morality no longer have a place in the system. Without those vital elements, the law becomes a lethal weapon in the hands of those who deliberately misuse it.

Our elected representatives ignore all this. Interested only in their own careers, they spend their time dancing delicately around the real facts and discussing phony issues.

This is not the America we want, but as we are now mere subjects of the federal government, what else can we expect?

James Bernard

Salt Lake City