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Q & A

Q. What part of the brain tells you to smile?

A. There are two types of smiles - voluntary and reflex Both smile are controlled by the VII Cranial Nerve, which begins in the brain stem (or pons) and winds arround to the muscles of the face that begin under the ear. Here it spreads out into five branches, which control these muscles. A voluntary smile, or fake smile as it is sometimes called, comes from the top of the brain. An involuntary smile, or real smile, comes from the part of the brain where the emotions sit. This area is called the limbicc system, and it's deep inside the brain. People who have had strokes and can't make a voluntary smile often are able to smile reflexively.

Q. Why are three goals in one game called a hat trick?

A. In cricket, if a person got three wickets with three successive balls, the player would be awarded a hat by his club. The term can mean any triple feat in sports but is most notably used in ice hockey now.