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Where, oh where, have the tourist fishermen and campers gone?

Time was, before the Department of Wildlife Resources experts tinkered so badly with our Strawberry Reservoir, that Wasatch County was a summer haven for outdoor tourists. They came from our neighbor states to avoid summer heat and enjoy the unmatched fishing that this famous resource offered.Take a look at the lakeside Forest Service camp units any weekend. On one of the best weekends of the year, camp units were about one-seventh occupied. Just a few campers were from other states, whereas it was common to see dozens of units occupied by visitors who came north for cooler summer days - and the excellent fishing the Strawberry offered.

In just three years, the Forest Service doubled its camping fees to $10 and launch fees to $2, and that turned some local visitors away.

And the fishing has been stinko, except for an occasional lunker, or a smallish stray which happened to be on feed.

It is a consensus among veteran fishermen that the resource is way understocked - from the day it was freed of its trash fish.

Maybe, with some cracker-barrel sense in the management, desired tourist and local patronage will return to one of the state's most valuable recreational resources, the good old Strawberry Reservoir.

Hack Miller

Salt Lake City