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Five mechanical, two electronic and one chemical invention by thirteen Utah inventors were awarded patents by the United States Patent Office. Copies of patents are available by number for $3.00 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington D.C. 20231. Abstracts are available at the Marriott Library, University of Utah.

- Stephen C. Jacobsen; Michael G. Mladejovsky; Clark C. Davis, and Roland F. Wyatt, all of Salt Lake City. A rotary-displacement measuring system. Assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation, Salt Lake City. Filed May 18, 1993, a continuation of application June 21, 1991. Patent 5,311,666.- Myron J. Fairbanks,, West Valley City, and Colin J. Buck, Salt Lake City. A disassemblable, coverable food-cutting board. Filed Dec. 29, 1992. Patent 5,311,813.

- Brent Bonham, Orem. Table corner apparatus and method of minimizing damage from impact. Assigned to Mity-Lite, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed July 31, 1992. Patent 5,311,825.

- Dan E. Fischer, Sandy. A stackable container system permitting visual inspection of contained items without removing lids. Assigned to Ultradent Products, Inc., South Jordan. Filed Aug. 13, 1992. Patent 5,312,011.

- Arlin D. Nelson, and Fred P. Lampropoulos, both of Salt Lake City. Rotation tool for medical guidewire. Assigned to Merit Medical Systems, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Mar. 11, 1993, a continuation-in-part of patent 5,219,332. Patent 5,312,338.

- Carolyn N. Simpson, Salt Lake City. A tamper-revealing strip of multiple sealing devices. Filed July 2, 1993. Patent 5,312,680.

- John B. Czirr, Mapleton. Neutron and photon monitor for subsurface surveying. Assigned to David B. Merrill, Salt Lake City; J. L. Carroll, Bountiful and Shanna Lee Czirr, Mapleton. Filed Oct. 22, 1992. Patent 5,313,504.

- Robert A. Lindsay, Bountiful. Apparatus for quantizing an input group of data samples into one of n quantized groups of data using less than n/2 reference groups of data samples. Assigned to Unisys Corporation, Blue Bell, Pa. Filed Mar. 11, 1993, a continuation of application Mar. 27, 1991. Patent 5,313,552.