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Pembroke's Inc., 341 S. 500 East, has started a compact disk-read memory-service bureau by offering the first in a series of new programs, CD-Reporter.

Vicki Pembroke Jackson, company president, said the program offers a number of important benefits including easy access, comparatively low cost, added convenience and customer satisfaction. "For data storage and retrieval, we don't know of anything that can compare to this program," she said.With the CD-Reporter program, Pembroke's will transfer company records onto CD-ROM. Once on the disk, data cannot be tampered with in any way or at any security level. However, notes for future reference can be added to the disk to help in retrieval or clarification.

She said the program was written so it could be used worldwide for many years to come, and there is little danger of it becoming obsolete. The program is much less than the cost of getting hard-copy reports at $5,000 or the $3,500 it would cost to have the information on microfiche.

Jackson said CD-ROM can hold up to 500,000 sheets of data or the equivalent information stored on 1,700 microfiche; several take less space than a small book and there is a huge savings in time.

She said the program can help a company by reducing the space necessary for filing data, the records can be protected and it eliminates the high cost of storing hard copies.