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Antwone, born Aug. 23, 1986, and LaTara, born Jan. 7, 1988, have been physically abused. They now are in their second foster placement and are busy learning good social skills.

Antwone, 7, is an active and curious fellow who loves sports and playing outdoors. He was hospitalized for depression when he was 3 and now takes medication for attention deficit disorder. He's still somewhat impulsive and has a hard time following directions when playing games. Antwone has speech and language delays and problems with short-term memory. However, his teachers say he made good progress last year in first grade. He tries hard and is very proud of his accomplishments. As his self-esteem improves, so do his interactions with other children.LaTara, 6, loves gymnastics and by now probably has mastered a cartwheel. She plays well with other children and seems to like just about any activity that's offered. LaTara is growing and learning just as she should. She did very well in Head Start and now is in a regular class school. Her social worker and foster mom feel she's in good shape emotionally and can form healthy attachments.

Antwone and LaTara need a two-parent black family. Antwone particularly needs a strong male role model. Some financial assistance may be available.