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Mascot: Cavemen

Location: American ForkDate of graduation: May 26

Theme of graduation: "Oh, the Places We'll Go." - Dr. Seuss

Number of graduates: 598

Senior officers: Dave Studdert, president; Sarah Schellenberg, vice president; chairmen, Kim Teichert, Brit Marie Brewer, Amie Bowen; Kristen Beck, secretary

Student body officers: Jon Gunther, president; Natalie Burton, vice president; Jake Bernhardt, secretary; Mark van Dijk; Jill Miller; Jack Pinette; Shannon Wright; Morgan McDuffie

Valedictorian, student speakers: Jonathan Ellingson, valedictorian; Jon Gunther and Phil Richards, student speakers

Greatest class accomplishment: "We finally won our homecoming football game after an 11-year losing streak." - student body officers

What makes this class unique? "We are the best and the brightest in the state." - student body officers

How will you improve the world? "There are many different kinds of people with many great qualities. Those great qualities will amount to some great future leaders with creativity. We can make our world great." - student body officers

What will your children find funny about their parents? "We were young once, believe it or not." - student body officers