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Mascot: Hawks

Location: SandyDate of graduation: June 2

Theme of graduation: Today we follow; tomorrow we lead.

Number of graduates: 900

Senior officers: President, Steve Tokita; vice president, Eric Sisam; secretary, Kalli Ogden.

Student body officers: President, Luke Bradley; vice president, Nate Cazier; secretary, Shane Thueson.

Student speakers: Nate Cazier, Quinn Romney and Danielle Wilson.

Greatest accomplishment: "Despite the tremendous size of our class, all of us felt the bonds of unity as a whole, yet each of us was able to maintain our in dividuality and creative spirit." - Steve Tokita.

What makes this class unique? "With the largest senior class in Utah, Alta has a great diversity of talent." - Steve Tokita.

How will you improve the world? "The senior class has a positive outlook for the future and is driven by ambition to better the world for forthcoming generations." - Steve Tokita.

What will your children find funny about their parents? Our clothing, hairstyles, music and slang will all seem laughable in 20 years; hopefully, gang violence, drug abuse and other societal ills will become part of the past as well." - Steve Tokita.