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Mascot: Colts

Location: South CottonwoodDate of graduation: June 3

Theme of graduation: "I Know Not What The Future Holds, But I Know Who Holds The Future"

Number of graduates: 500

Senior officers: President, Laura Summerhays; vice president, Ryan Watts; secretary, Travis Babcock

Student body officers: President, Trace Coccimiglio; vice president, Matt Anderson; secretary, Remlee Dunford; historian, Natalie Robins; communications; Damian R. Dayton; senate president, Brian Watkins

Valedictorian, salutatorian: Valedictorian, Marcus E. Peterson; salutatorian, Timothy J. Purcell

Greatest class accomplishment: "The senior class is buying one of the five stadium lightposts for the football field allowing night games." - Damian Dayton

What makes this class unique? "This is the first year diplomas of merit will be presented." - Remlee Dunford

How will you improve the world? "By releasing fresh voices and ideas into the world." - Damian R. Dayton

What will your children find funny about their parents? "We are actually a great bunch of people." - Curtis Wyatt