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Mascot: Pirates

Location: MagnaDate of graduation: June 3

Theme of graduation: "Setting ourselves for distant shores"

Number of graduates: 350

Senior officers: President, Dave VanDerWekken; vice president, Ben Johnson; secretary, Becky Bezzant; reporter/historian, Jamie Pearce.

Student body officers: President, Tyler Garcia; officers, Dixie Gomm, Kelsey Clark, Natalie Hansen, Barbara Langford, Louise Hunt.

Valedictorian, salutatorian: Valedictorian, Heather McBride; salutatorian, Kyrenia Palmer

Greatest class accomplishment: "The involvement in the community pertaining to gang graffiti and cleanup. Also, having set academic records in mathematics." - Tyler Garcia

What makes this class unique? "It's a bright class - a lot of wonderful bright students, a student body president who has been extraordinarily visible to the entire student body." - Assistant principal Douglas Bishop

How will you improve the world? "Members of this class will either be community leaders or religious leaders - and doctors and lawyers. They go above the call of duty in the classroom. They will go above the call of duty in whatever they do." - Garcia

What will your children find funny about their parents? "Our class is known for high academic standards, but . . . is also known for its goofing off." - Garcia