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By agreeing to a one-year contract with teachers as the current school year ends, Alpine School District leaders have ensured that their schools will have teachers for the next school year.

Tuesday night, members of the Alpine School Board unanimously approved a contract with the district's teachers. Under terms of the agreement, the teachers will receive a 4.1 percent increase in their base pay rate.The contract, which covers the 1994-95 school year, also includes a pay increase of less than 1 percent for the district's Step 18 teachers, or those with at least 18 years of teaching experience, as well as index changes or increases for Step 1, 2 and 3 teachers in the schedule's Lanes 1, 2 and 3 - teachers who have bachelor's degrees.

"We're grateful for the quick and fair settlement, which now allows us to concentrate on the business of teaching," said Nile Miner, incoming president of the Alpine Education Association and a teacher at Orchard Elementary in Orem. The Alpine district's teachers overwhelmingly approved the contract in a vote taken at local schools last week.

"We hope this sets a precedent," said Susan Stone, the district's certified-personnel director and spokesperson for the district negotiating team. "The cooperative attitude among the teachers, the administration and the board (of education) led to the timely agreement."

All told, the total compensation package, which includes the base pay boost, step and lane increases for longevity and maintenance of health and insurance benefits, comes to an overall 6.8 percent increase.

Unlike other school districts in the county, the Alpine School District will continue to pay the costs required to maintain designated insurance coverage.