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Bonnie Erbe has come forward and has given public announcement of her extreme liberal bias. In the column titled "Does conservatism promote freedom?" Erbe, news correspondent for NBC radio network, allows everyone to see the real agenda that she and the majority of her colleagues in the major news media do seek to promote.

Erbe immediately assumes that all conservatives are "white Anglo-Saxon Protestants." I hate to break such an ill-conceived mold, but I am an "Italian-American" (note the politically correct terminology) and do consider myself to be a conservative.Erbe describes conservatism as a "tight-moral philosophy that seeks to prescribe a formula by which everybody else must live." My thinking may be behind the times, but I do not believe that there has been an official recall on morality, nor do I recollect the need to tell "everybody else" how they must live.

She continues shooting airballs by intimating that the nuclear family, composed of two heterosexual parents and one or more children, is somehow an archaic and outdated conservative creation.

She has also labeled all "artists, writers, architects and sculptors" as fellow liberals because conservatives "eschew individual freedom" and we all know that conservatives are not artistic. (I guess that I'll have to drop my architecture course and give away all of my Monet prints - but I'll give them only to my liberal friends.)

Erbe said "conservatives want to outlaw homosexuality because homosexuals don't fit in" our mold. Although conservatives may feel that homosexuality is immoral, we do not deny the individual his choice - we simply do not want to pay the medical bills when he contracts AIDS upon exercising his choice.

She did have a good point when she noted that conservatives despise "ambitious women." I am still pretty mad about my wife being such an overachiever. She had the nerve to earn a college degree, then to teach school for eight years, and then to insist that she stay home with our children after they were born - all this that she might brainwash those young-skulls-full-of-mush into thinking that there are such obscene concepts as right and wrong.

From now on, I will be sure to save all of Erbe's fair-minded writings in my file - that is, my "round file."

Greg Fabiano