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Almost 4 million adult Americans cannot read, sign their names or perform simple addition and subtraction. Thirty million workers can read and write only minimally, and another 40 million lack the basic skills to get by in a technological and rapidly changing world. The United States ranks 49th in literacy among 158 members of the United Nations.

The federal government intends to cure this problem with a host of new programs such as Outcome-Based Education, Parents-as-Teachers, Goals 2000, etc. But why do we think the government has the answers? Where did those 40 million poorly functioning workers go to school? If we had 40 million malfunctioning cars on the highway, would we consider the manufacturer the "authority" and keep providing more funds for his experimentation?Utah has plenty of good teachers who know how to teach reading and writing and math, but something is wrong. Could it be that the ideas pouring into Utah from outside are somehow flawed?

Whatever the problem, if the school system isn't working for your children right now, consider home schooling. As parents who have taught eight children at home for nearly 20 years, we have found the benefits far beyond our expectations. Besides being capable and talented, our children are nice people who bring peace and joy to our home and are sought after by employers. Colleges now recruit home schoolers.

Joyce Kinmont