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In a day when heroes seem to be fewer and fewer, I would like to publicly give my thanks to a whole bunch of unlikely heroes. We had a benefit concert for Camp Liahona for Deaf Children on May 16, and a bunch of my heroes came through with flying colors.

First I would like to thank my whole family. All my children, Heather, Bill, Jason, Jenny and Micah, and my husband, Ken, participated in some way.I thank Mark Allman and the other band members of Iguana Love, Dave Wilbur and Mark Deason. Thanks go to Dave Heslington of Herger Music for financial as well as physical and moral support. Thanks to the members of the band, Arche Rival, Jenny Jarvis, John Fulton, Rod Holcomb and Steve Ross, who worked so hard practicing as well as promoting.

Thanks to Hammond Chamberlain and Nancy Painter for the great harmonica and vocals. Thanks to all the young men and women who are deaf and hearing impaired who showed up to help. Thanks to the Esteem Team of Pleasant Grove High for advertising and helping sell tickets.

With all my heroes, working together, more children will be coming to camp this year than would have had a chance otherwise.

Vea Lynn Jarvis

Fund-raising chairman

Camp Liahona