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Mascot: The Golden Tigers

Location: OremDate of graduation: May 27

Theme of graduation: "Choose to chance the rapids; dare to dance the tides."

Number of graduates: 675

Senior officers: Brandon Ward, president; Mark Steinagel, vice president; Erin Brotherson, secretary; Erin Robert, historian.

Student body officers: Zac Napierski, president; Matt Johnson, executive vice president; vice presidents, Katie Jensen, Scott Clark, Mike Balzotti, Kyle Adams; Lianne Mangelson, secretary; Holly Hughes, publicist.

Student speakers: Jennifer Hyatt, Mary Rogers, Sara Conder and Jodi Orgill.

Greatest class accomplishment: "The fact that everyone's come together and gotten involved." - Brandon Ward

What makes this class unique? "Everything. Just the people we are and the talents we have." - Katie Jensen

How will you improve the world? "Boosting the morale of humanity. We'll have a president of the United States, a lot of pro athletes and some movie stars come out of this class." - Ward

What will your children find funny about their parents? "They'll think the way we dressed and the things we did were weird. They'll think we were nerds." - Ward