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Mascot: Knights

Location: LaytonDate of graduation: June 1

Theme of graduation: "The mind of man is capable of anything because everything is in it - all the past as well as all the future." - Joseph Conrad

Number of graduates: 540

Senior officers: Todd Bridges, president; Heather McCallister, vice president; Dustin West, vice president; Heidi McCallister, secretary

Student body officers: President, Gina Halls; vice presidents, Mike Woodbury, Wyatt Packer, Erin Bellinga; Andrea Koldwyn and Felicity Lloyd, public relations; historian, Jennifer Hill; orator, Jason Huffaker; activities, Karl Whiting

Valedictorian, speakers:

Valedictorians: Eugenia Halls and Clifton Rumsley; student speakers: Casey Smith, Kyle Hoskins, Shacola Turner, Jimmy Stiffler

Greatest class accomplishment:

"The high honors program. We have around 50 graduates with high honors. We're probably one of the smartest classes to graduate in Davis County." - Todd Bridges

What makes this class unique?

"It's the first graduating class of Northridge High School. We took students from two high schools and have had to build unity and traditions from scratch." - Pat Rowley, class adviser.

How will you improve the world?

"They're good people with good values. They uphold the rules in school and in the community. They're hard workers." - Bridges.

What will your children find funny about their parents? "The unique individual personalities of the people. Everyone's unique, they all have their personal individuality." - Bridges.